Sore, but Still Going

Top of the evening to ya! I’m slowly winding down on another long day at work after a morning run. Very happy to have 9 miles in this week with a 7 miler planned for Saturday. This morning I did a light 4 mile run at 4:30am. Overall I was happy with the outing despite the twinge I got from my hamstring shortly after mile 3. I have been doing a lot of reading on forefoot running styles from some of my fellow (and more successful) bloggers. Pete (@Oblinkin) put up a hell of a post about running form on his website RunBlogger.  What an interesting and informative read!  I used  what I read on the run this morning, trying to have my foot strike as close as possible to my center of gravity.  It seemed to help a lot as I noticed an increase in pace without a corresponding increase in effort.  I will definitely will be focusing on this for my 7 miler.

So Ray and I were talking on our latest episode of Geeks in Running Shoes about my plans after the Chicago Half Marathon.  Honestly, I plan on taking a three to four week break from running.  I need to let my legs heal up completely without risk of re-injury.  After the break, the plan is to focus solely on my running technique.  I’d like to get into a running clinic or seminar if possible, but middle of fall is probably not going to bring any near me.  I’m also contemplating purchasing Newton Sir Isaac’s.  This we shall see, mainly because the $150 price tag is a lot of money to me.  With three kids, there is always always always another way to spend $150 on something other than shoes.  My goal, though, is to have my running technique in tune by the end of the year to start training for my full marathon for next year.  We shall see, though.

Other than that, I might do a 5k this weekend.  There is a TikiTrot about 10 miles south of me on Saturday night.  They light the whole course with Tiki Torches.  I mean, how cool?  It’s like trying to outrun the killer in the final scene of a Hawaiian murder-mystery.  Not to mention free reflective shwag!   Might do it, might not.  If I do decide to, it will be more of a run/walk because of my morning long run.

I’ll let you know how Saturday goes!  As always, thanks for checking out the blog!


Hey all, been awhile. I’ve been busy, what can I say. Last weekend I got the virus from hell. Fever, headache, nausea, the works… So obviously, no physical activity going on there. Hell, I didn’t get out of bed for a few days. I did lose 6 pounds from all the vomiting, so there’s the silver lining of that dark cloud. By Tuesday, I was feeling better and decided to go for an easy run. Made it a tenth of a mile before my hamstring went again. Frustrated and cussing, I limped back home. Ice, massage, compression followed for the following few days. I itching to get out there and try it out again, but work has been hectic. Taking off two days from being sick left me wicked behind on my route, so I had to work late and today (Saturday). Such is life. Today, we are taking our girls to a kid’s salon to get their hair and nails done for school. Just a little day to make them feel special, ya know? When we return, I might go for a run if the heat isn’t too bad. Supposed to be 97 today and with the humidity, the heat index might well be close to 110. Don’t know that I want to venture outside in that kind of heat. Tomorrow, we go to Six Flags, so worst case scenario, I run early tomorrow.
My recurring hamstring injury got me down this week. I seriously thought of deferring the Chicago Half Marathon because of it. I’m extremely worried that I’m just not ready for it. It’s less than a month away. I know that it is not going to be a strong finish on my part. I just haven’t got the training in that I need. I talked with a few runners on Twitter about the pros and cons of going on with the race. In the end, I decided that I’ll just do what training I can and do the race. I’m not expecting to tear up the road in Chicago, but I think it’s important for me to run it. Important for me to finish. So, that’s where I’m at right now. I’ll check back in after my weekend run.

Sick Sick Sick

So, training has been pretty scant for the past week. It all kind of started with the intense heat in the MidWest. 100+ heat index on multiple days is not exactly conducive to outside activity. So, come Thursday, I start really feeling the effects of the long work days into the heat. After a work dinner, I come home to feel a headache starting. My temperature at this point was just under 100. Contributed it to the heat and went to bed.
Woke up Friday morning, did a couple hours of work. By 9:30am, I knew that I was done for the day. Called the boss, drove home, and went to bed. That’s when the intense headache, piercing eye pressure, and body aches started. By the afternoon, the vomiting commenced. That was my life for the entire weekend. Only now, Sunday night at 11:30pm, do I feel well enough for jumping online. Over the weekend, I lost 6 pounds due to the fact that solid food (or even water) would stay in my stomach. Needless to say, I did not run at all this weekend. In fact, I did not get out of bed longer than 10-15 minutes. For the most part, I didn’t feel good enough to watch television. Hopefully, the worst is behind me, and I can get back to training this week. A little over a month until the half marathon. Time’s a running out.

Rest Day Shmest Day

So, got up this morning with the plan to ignore my rest day and do a bike ride. I knew I had to steal the seat and reflector off of my wife’s mountain bike, so after some quick breakfast, I started working in the garage. Well, the bolt holding my wife’s seat on her bike is stripped (crap!) and I got the reflector off, but it’s not a good fit on my bike. I jumped into my saddle and looped around my block. Yeah, my ass still hurts from the 16 mile ride I did on Monday. Not to mention it was still dark outside. My bike is almost graphite color, and I was wearing dark clothing. I believe the universe was trying to tell me not to ride today. So, I took a brisk 1.16 mile walk instead. Just went down to the next neighborhood and back home. Nothing major, but it did get my legs moving a bit. Tomorrow, the plan is to get a 5 mile run in. Wish me luck!

Playlist for Walk:
Sweetness by Jimmy Eat World
Tribork is Trying episode 10 http://tribork.blogspot.com/

Tuesday Morning Run

Got up early this morning to get a run in before the heat wave came through. Last I checked, heat index is supposed to be around 112 today. Yeah, not going to try to get a run in with that kind of external oven temp. The plan was to do a 5 mile run around a 12 min/mile pace. I was 3/4 mile in at a 12:30 pace when I decided to bump it up a little bit faster. When I did, my right hamstring reminded me that I was in a bit of pain still. Slowed down to a 13+ min/mile for the remainder of the run. While I need to speed up a bit for the Chicago run, I can’t afford another injury to sideline me. So, I sucked up the slow time and decided to just put a few miles in. Ran down to the fountain and returned home. Finished up with 3.1 miles in 43 minutes. Horrible time, but it got me out and my legs moving. Tomorrow is rest day, and I’m going to try to keep it that way. Yesterday, I did a 16 mile bike ride down to the next town and back. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful ride. Took me 1 hour and 11 minutes. The bike ride also convinced me that I need a few things, namely a new bike seat, cycling shorts, and gloves. I was hurting when I got back. So, rest tomorrow, attempt a 5 miler on Thursday and possibly Friday, and then a 7 miler this weekend. We shall see!

Playlist for this morning’s run:
Sweetness by Jimmy Eat World
Vegan Running Mom Episode 60
You Don’t Have To Run Alone Episode 24

Sunday Afternoon Run

Quick post here, was feeling good today, so I decided to do another run on Sunday. We got back from our shopping exploits around 2pm. We got the kids down for a nap, then I got changed and left. Went a little different of a route this time, going west on Main Street instead of East. It was a bit hot and humid out, so I went through the two water bottles I carried pretty quick. By the time I got to the gas station near my house (about 1/2 mile from home), I was done running. Walked home, showered, and did some stretching. I have the next week planned out for workouts:
Monday: Cycling workout in the PM
Tuesday: 5 miles in the AM
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: 5 miles in the AM
Friday: 3 miles in the AM
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: 7 miles in the AM
Now, let’s try to stick to that. Wish me luck!
PS In case you didn’t know, my podcast is now available for download on iTunes. Search for “Geeks in Running Shoes”. Episode 4 will be ready for download tomorrow!

Woke up a bit before 4:30 am. Struggled to get out of bed despite going to sleep at 10:30 last night. I have to get up so early because I have to work today. Check the email, Twitter, and put some new podcasts on the iPhone for listening on the run. Going to eat something real quick and drink a bottle of water, then I should be good to go. Oh, and I am doing a ten minute ice pack session with my hamstring pre-run. Wish me luck.
Well, ended up doing a little more than 5.5 miles in 65 minutes. I’m guessing because mid-way through the run, my iPhone jumped out of my pouch and skipped across the ground. Thank God for hard plastic cases. Anyways, my Runkeeper app that I use to track my runs reset when it dropped. All in all, I felt ok. My left calf started to tighten up near the end, but the good news is my hamstring felt fine. The one bad thing that happened was someone yelling “Fatass!” from their car as I was running home. Meh, such is life. Life is full of assholes. You inevitably run into one every once in a while.